Divestment Resources


  • The Divestment Database tracks divestment commitments worldwide.

  • DivestInvest outlines the case for divestment and provides guidance for individuals and organizations to divest.

  • offers information about the divestment movement and resources to start a campaign.

  • Stop the Money Pipeline is a coalition of organizations working to end fossil fuel finance. They run a variety of campaigns targeting banks, insurance companies, pension funds, asset managers and more.


  • Indigenous Climate Action has been working on divestment since before its inception. They continue to target insurers, banks and other fossil financiers and educate on divestment from an Indigenous perspective.

  • Mazaska Talks is an Indigenous-led movement, launched during the Dakota Access Pipeline Fight, calling on banks to stop financing fossil fuels.

  • Women’s Earth & Climate Action Network‘s Indigenous Women’s Divestment Delegation has traveled the world since 2017 to speak to financiers of fossil fuel projects and call for an end to the financing of Indigenous rights violations.

University Divestment

  • Divest Ed is a US-based organization supporting students at universities and colleges to pressure their universities to divest from fossil fuels. You can check out their many resources.
  •’s Campus Guide to Fossil Fuel Divestment offers step by step instructions for starting a divestment campaign on campus.
  • People and Planet UK offers resources for campus divestment campaigns and highlights of UK successes.

Bank Divestment

  • BankSwitch offers resources for individuals to contact their bank to pressure them to stop lending to fossil fuels.
  • BankTrack hosts a database of fossil fuel lending by banks worldwide.

Pension Divestment


Personal Divestment